DADGAD Guitar tuition holidays in Ireland for beginners

Hi my name is Chris, welcome to my site.  Now, I hate to complicate things straight away and I know this is called DADGAD guitar for beginners, but I’ve had lots of people wanting to know stuff about STANDARD tuning, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to make a choice. The last thing I want is to put you under that kind of pressure so early in our relationship, but I think it’s unavoidable if we’re going to prevent confusion later.

Chris in Kerry Fiddles practice room

So, if you would you like to know about DADGAD guitar holidays please click here and if you would like to know about STANDARD (or EADGBE) tuning guitar holidays, please click here.

Paul Bradley having DADGAD guitar lessons with Chris Liddle

Testimonial from Paul Bradley

"I went on this course because I wanted to expand my playing style. DADGAD is a form of tuning used in Irish traditional music, American and English folk music and, as my Kenmare cabby told me, heavy metal.

The location alone would be enough to highly recommend this course; Kenmare and the surrounding countryside are one of the most beautiful spots in Europe and the course allows time to explore.

Chris is a born teacher; sympathetic, relaxed with an extensive repertoire and endless patience. The first day you are straight in and he got me to play along to lovely tunes I hadn't heard before.You have to re-learn how chords are formed which is a challenge but the sound that a DADGAD chord makes is beautiful. Chris' partner Gill takes the violin course and came in and made encouraging sounds! In the afternoon I practiced on my own as, in the evening, we were to play in a bar in Kenmare!

I played along quietly to the tunes we'd gone through and grew more confident as the week passed. The nights in Kenmare are of course legendary and it was great to be a part of them. This course is one of those experiences in life when you look back and think did that really happen? Chris and Gill are so encouraging and you feel that, in that beautiful location, you are creating, developing, growing. I cannot thank them enough for such a fine musical experience. They re-affirmed my appreciation for the beauty of playing.

A week I will never forget, which warms my heart whenever I play the tunes. I am practicing Chris, honest!"

Kerry Fiddles

One more thing, the links down the left side of this page will take you to my wife’s website, Kerry Fiddles, where you can find out more about the accommodation available in Kenmare and all the things there are to do in this beautiful part of Ireland, once your fingertips have stopped bleeding.

If you would like to book a place or if you need more info please e-mail me on

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